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Such Is Life Bandana

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As legend has it, "Such is Life" were the last words of Ned Kelly, Australia's most famous "bushranger". The bushrangers were outlaws who famously robbed coaches and lived off of the land during the height of the 1800's Australian gold rush. Tales of the bushrangers evading authorities with their superior horsemanship, survival skills, and gunslinging courage evolved into things of legend. As time went on the legend only grew and the bushrangers became national symbols of rebellion, individuality, and rugged toughness.

The Design for the "Such is Life" Bandana was created by illustrator and designer, Faye Pannell of Perth, Australia.

10% of this bandanas proceeds goes the the Akashinga Charity of Zimbabwe. The Akashinga (which means "The Brave Ones" in the Shone language of Zimbabwe) is an elite all-female anti-poaching unit of the International Anti Poaching Foundation (IAPF). The project empowers women from disadvantaged communities across Zimbabwe, allowing them to join forces and combat illegal trophy hunting in the country.

Hand cut, sewn, and printed on 100% organic cotton, these bandana's are stylish and durable.

  • Hand Printed at a Fair Trade Certified facility in Kolkata, India
  • 100% Organic Cotton sustainably sourced in India from Chetna Organic
  • Approximately 21” x 21”
Such Is Life Bandana
Such Is Life Bandana
Such Is Life Bandana