Check this page for a revolving door of objects and items that I find cool or curious. My interests tend to lean towards Americana and/or anything from the first half of the 20th century, but you never know what you might find here. I try to price most pieces affordably—this doesn't necessarily mean that these items will be cheap, just that they are intentionally priced more reasonably than comparable items on the internet. I'll do my best because a) I like placing uncommon goods into interested hands, b) I want you to feel like you got a great deal, and c) the more we sell the more time I get to do what I really love doing: exploring for more! There might be occasions from time to time that I will be value certain pieces at their true market value, and I do this because honestly, I REALLY like seeing these items on my shelves, desk, and walls, and deep down I am happy to have them hang around for a bit longer—but still, feel free to take them off my hands anyway.
Happy Hunting!

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