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I have always loved a good story, and I spend a lot of my time consuming stories—Graham Greene, This American Life, Jim Harrison, Hemingway, Bourdain, and David Lean. Similarly, I have a lot of respect for time-worn objects. I can't help but wonder what far-flung locales those scuffed and oil-stained leather bags have visited; the joys, pains, and adventures that heirloom jewelry has seen; and the miles those resoled boots have experienced. There is a wooden spoon somewhere in the Alamo that my family to this day can't help but mention to friends simply because an ancestor carved it during the Texas Revolution; it is our little piece of Texas’ history and my family is proud to have played some little part in her story. 

We are all passing through this life, and the things we carry with us say something about who we are and where we think we are going. Our world is obsessed with latest and greatest, and there are landfills across this planet overflowing with the remains of a billion iPhones to prove that point. I have challenged myself to rethink where I put my money, to find quality goods made by hand with passion and with a soul; purchases that will last a lifetime, and carry the stories I make and discover along the way. Passage Goods is my outlet for finding those objects and helping others do the same. 

Come visit the store. I would love to share a cup of coffee or a beer with you, discover your story, and maybe just find you that hat or bag your grandchildren will talk about someday.

- Tyler -

Goods for the journey